Sporting Germany

Germany is popularly known for its sporting activities, which are mainly done to pass time. The sporting activities in the country enjoy a huge audience. Some of the people watch it live while others view the games on television screens. Almost half of its population are sporting club members or members of an organization that majors in sports. Soccer is the country’s most popular sport and is known as ‘fuball’ in the German language. It is also considered a national activity. This country’s devotion to sports is evident in the German league, where many of the country’s professional teams are participants. If you require sporting equipment in Germany, you can use review sites such as to find reputable sports companies to find sporting equipment. On the other hand in Spain, you can buy bicycles at BikeInn.

Popular German sports


While Germany is known to be in the frontline as far as recreation and sporting activities are concerned, of all, football stands out. In the country, children begin playing football at a very young age; thus, talents are identified very early. Gender equality has increasingly been advocated for in German soccer, and women’s football is rising. Some of the top soccer teams in Germany include Bayern Munchen and Borussia Dortmund. These two team clubs are very popular in Germany.


Notably, this sport is also known as Formula 1 and is mainly a spectator sport that is very popular in Germany. Most of the celebrated drivers globally are from German motorsport. As part of this sport in the World Series, Germany holds the Germany Grand Prix, held in Hockenheimring or Nurburging.


This sport is popular throughout Germany and has its origins in Northern Europe. It not only popular in Germany but is also well known to Germany’s Baltic Neighbors. After football, this sport is the second most popular sport. In fact, in some small German cities, you will find that handball is the most played sport. Germany’s handball league has been ranked as one of the best in the whole world, having a list of the best and top teams like THW Kiel and Rhein-Necker Lowen. Germany’s national team has often brought its country success which has made it renowned globally.


This sport is also fairly popular in Germany and has players known for making major careers in the US NBA. Some of the renowned German basketball players include Dirk Nowitzki, nicknamed as German wunderkind. Basketball has a huge following making its games electric and exciting.


This is more of a participation game in that it doesn’t have many spectators. Instead, participants do the action mainly without an audience. Germany is well versed in this game and has produced many famous players.


Nationally, this game has been played since the 1990s. It was renowned in the country during its early years. Tennis has been significantly broadcasted in Germany, which has resulted in its widespread popularity.  In most towns and cities in Germany, there are tennis clubs and facilities. Many organizations are also involved in the game. They have set up clubs and groups that encourage the sport.


Though Golf is not popular on TV channels as other sports like soccer are, it is still one of German’s most-played Games. Those who play Golf in the country have a passion for the game to the point it has become a natural talent. An example of some of the renowned Golf players in Germany is Martin Kaymer. Characteristically, Golf equipments are expensive; thus, the sport is majorly played by high-class citizens.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a sport that combines sports with adrenaline rush, noise, and partying. It is mainly popular in the country due to the unique atmosphere it offers. The country’s ice hockey team is known to be one of the best globally, producing many successful ice hockey players.


Cycling is a sport that Germans take part in during their leisure time to pass time. It has largely been performed as a spectator sport, especially in the ’70s and ’90s in its initial days. Those who take part in the sport during their leisure do it to explore the beautiful landscapes of Germany. There are various dedicated cycle trails in the country, including the Elbe Cycle Route and the Baltic Coast Cycle trail. Cities including Berlin encourage cycling as a way to avoid traffic.

In conclusion, Germany is a country that is a center of recreation and sporting activities. If you are visiting, especially for an extended stay, it is always advisable that you involve yourself in one of these sports to make your stay in Germany an interesting one.