We have changed the Employment Workshops to Link Education with Employability Real

In the last two weeks have been initiated in Castilla-La Mancha a hundred entrepreneurial employment workshops, which are to form a thousand students Employment Workshop “Lo Hueco” aims to train students in restoration ten paleontological and works with the remains found at the site of The Hollow

Spain, May 16, 2013 – The director general of regional government formation, Paloma Barredo Basin today highlighted the significant shift in the government led by Maria Dolores de Cospedal has given employment workshops, linking directly to the training given to improving employability.

This was stated during his visit to the first employment workshop Paleontological Restoration “Lo Hueco”, in which a total of ten students improve their knowledge in paleontological heritage restoration, working with the pieces found years ago at the site of The Hollow , at the end of Fuentes (Cuenca).

During his visit, the Director General of Employment recalled that the way in which until now were being managed workshops was not the most appropriate, since it did not translate into a significant employment.

In this regard, he added that “we wanted to give new meaning to entrepreneurial job shops, as we believe that all the money to invest in worker training should result in employment for them, have a very clear objective to achieve improve their employability and, insofar as possible, get a job, drive, help and assist in self-employment. ”

In this regard, Barredo stated that students will learn to take and organize business initiatives, and has made available all the tools of regional government so they can carry out their projects. “They will have available to Board support for the initiative is more likely, through subsidies and grants,” said the head of Training, adding that since the regional “we are determined to link training with the use of these workers “.

In relation to Restore Employment Workshop Paleontological, Paloma Barredo said she was impressed by the volume and the great future prospect of having the material being worked. It is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Employment of the Community Board, and driven by the Provincial Government of Cuenca through the Provincial Development Board. It is one of the 12 workshops that the Department approved employment for the province of Cuenca and among 39 courses represent an investment of 3 million euros from the government of Castilla-La Mancha.

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