WangYa Computer Inc’s Project OsMonitor is Launching Employee Monitoring Softwar

It will help in recording computer and internet activities, monitoring computer usage and ensuring security. Developers are confident that the software will boost employee efficiency.

San Diego, CA, PRWEB, Monday, June 03, 2013: WangYa Computer Inc has initiated a project that deals with employee and network monitoring tools, is now launching its latest employee monitoring software.

According to the developers of this product, it will help users to record and monitor employee’s activities on computer and internet, which will help in increasing business efficiency and security. -Many employers are aware that their business resources are misused by some of their staffs but they don’t know exactly how to track those activities. With our OsMonitor employee monitoring software it will be easier. Employers will be now able to check which employees are chatting with friends, visiting website that are not related to work or accessing the internet other than work related activities,- says Mr. Jize of WangYa Computer Inc.

He confirms that the latest software is equipped with high-end technologies that can record and track all programs that employees ran, windows they opened and websites they visited. It saves every record in a database so that employers can review anytime. It also allows to export vital record and save it in their system.

-The tool is updated and one of the most sophisticated ones that we have created,- says a key developer of the employee monitoring software. He adds, -It helps you to record and monitor real time network card flow of every employee’s computer. It also tracks deleting, copying, pasting files and plugging and pulling out flash memory.-

Another key feature of the tool is ability to capture screenshot of employee’s computer screen. Employers can check the screenshot anytime on server as it records everything that happened on the employee’s computers.

-I have been looking for such a high-end tool for a long time as my business deals a lot with instant messaging interaction. It becomes tough for me to track whether my employees are really using instant messaging for their work or for their personal interactions,- says a California based business owner Boris Jones.

OsMonitor employee monitoring software also records and monitors emails and attachments sent through Outlook or Outlook Express to help employers check whether employees are transferring company’s secret information, confirms Mr. Jize.

About: WangYa Computer Inc. is founded in 2006 and OsMonitor is a project of the company that develops employee and network monitoring software. Development offices of the company are located in Asia. For more information visit .

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