Top 10 Teaching Professions

The top 10 teaching professions are those that are most popular, most in demand and/or highest paying. Whatever teaching profession you choose, youll find that a teaching degree will always enable you to find a faculty opening in a high demand area. People who hold education degrees will always have jobs available for them in our society. But the following top 10 teaching professions are currently providing some of the best opportunities around:

Spanish teachers

English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers

Special education teachers

Math teachers

Science teachers


Assistant principals


Other administrators

Overseas teachers

Bilingual teachers, including Spanish teachers and ESL teachers, are highly in demand right now as the United States continues to grow more diverse. This diverse demographic has presented some challenges, and bilingual teachers are the best equipped to meet these challenges head-on. Since Spanish speaking students make up the largest population of students whose native language is not English, Spanish speaking teachers are the most sought after today. Being bilingual simply opens up more job opportunities.

Special education teachers are some of the most sought after these days, but the job does come with some trials as well. Some school districts have started hiring candidates who are not yet certified in special education, but are currently pursuing their teaching degrees, and then paying for the classes they need for full certification. There is no doubt that math and science teachers are highly in demand as well.

Many school districts cant find enough qualified math and science teachers because fewer education degree majors target these disciplines. But if match and science isnt your thing, you could always get a job as an educational administrator such as a principal, assistant principal, superintendent or other administrator. These important professions are involved with hiring teachers and staff members, managing budgets, overseeing daily operations and developing new programs.

The last of the top 10 teaching professions is the international school teacher. Many schools have been created to provide an education to students in expatriate communities, which provide a great opportunity to work while seeing the world.