Salary Questions and Answers

The one topic that both the employer and job seeker often feel uncomfortable speaking about is salary. You as the job seeker want to get the most you possibly can. The potential employer wants to pay you as little as they can. Here are some great answers to salary questions that you can use so you don’t leave any money on the table when negotiating salary.

Question: What kind of salary are you looking for?

Analysis: In this situation try to get the company to make the first offer. Most professionals agree that whoever brings up salary first loses the negotiation. Try to deflect the question so that you don’t give them a number first. Here is an effective but aggressive response.

Answer: We are all interested in making a good salary, but it is more important for me to contribute and grow along with your company. Based on this interview and speaking with some of your employees. I am interested in working for your company. If you feel the same way, I will be very happy to entertain your strongest offer.

Question: What are your minimum salary requirements?

Analysis: Do not every answer this question unless you are completely desperate for a job and will take anything. On the other hand you should inform the interviewer that your skills and experience are well above minimum salary requirements.

Answer: I am proud of my work history, my skills and qualifications and the value I bring to any prospective employer. I would base my salary completely on my ability to make a positive contribution to a company’s profitability not minimum salary requirements. I am very interested in this position with your company and if you are interested in bringing me on to your firm I will entertain your strongest offer.

Question: What is your current salary?

Analysis: What you are currently earning has no direct bearing on what you are worth or what you should be making. With that being said it is difficult to relay that idea with out coming off defensive. The interviewer is looking for specifics by asking this question but you can be elusive and broad but still give a quality answer.

Answer: I am earning a base salary of $XXXXX and have health insurance and paid vacation time. However I don’t believe this information will guide you in measuring my value to your company since the two positions are very different.

These are the most common ways of employers approaching the salary subject. By understanding what and why they are asking you should be able to get the best salary possible.