Salary Of A Life Coach

The salary of a life coach is six figures for only 10 to 20 percent of coaches, according to Since the median salary for life coaches in the United Sates is only $30,000 to $40,000 per year, it means that there are a lot of coaches who are making much less than $30,000.

Avoid The Salary of a Life Coach That Will Make You Sell Your Furniture to Pay Your Rent.

What type of life coaching training will you need to get the salary of a life coach that allows you to live the life of your dreams? Will you need life coaching training?

The Secret to Getting ‘Guru Level’ Salary of a Life Coach:

You are going to have to work harder than you think, for longer than you want, and learn how to go beyond where you are comfortable. And yes, you will need life coaching training.

I have often read that you don’t need specific life coaching training or a degree to become a life coach. That may be true, but you will need life coaching training and experience to become a life coach who makes a decent salary.

According to pay, the median salary of a life coach who works for him or herself is greater than coaches who work as employees. But your chances of winning the lottery are better than landing a steady job with a company unless you have life coaching training and experience.

The salary of a life coach is dependent on his or her skills, not only in coaching but in sales and marketing. If you are looking for an easy way to make $30,000 a year, I recommend finding a job.

If you want to make $30,000 a month as a coach, you will need some really great life coaching training and mentoring. You will also have to pull up your sleeves and work. It can be done, but ultimately it’s up to you.

When I first started my life coaching career, I looked at this as a bad thing. But think about it. If you were coaching a high achiever to the next level, would you expect them to stretch? Of course. Do you think that you wouldn’t have to do the same for yourself? If you expect others to stretch, you’d be a hypocrite to not expect the same from yourself (not to mention an ineffective life coach).

Life Coach Salary Comes From Life Coaching Training.

Don’t let yourself fall into a mediocre life. Don’t let your clients be mediocre either. Make the decision to be the coach that can create the life coaching business you know is possible. Seek the greatness inside you and you will find it, and you’ll be able to cultivate it in others as well.