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Today (North American time, April 13), Trion Worlds open to the public a latest game video on Rogue of “RIFT: Planes of Telara”. This video is around two minutes long, showing a combination of killing in several different ways about the Rogue’ s soul of talent system to players, but also for the players to show the profession unique fighting style.

The videos demonstrate three the soul of models that can transform: cause of death, hiding strike, professional assistance. As this online game set up their own unique soul talent system, players can be allocated the characters according to their own talents and attributes, which make the playability of the profession of Rogue become very rich and has emerged from more than ten game classes as the most popular profession.

“RIFT: Planes of Telara,” The formal announcement of online games is in 2008, a total of six rounds testing of the game has undergone, officially began operations on March 1 this year. Trion World Network brings together Sony Entertainment, NCsoft North America R & D R & D team and many other powerful faction of the elite and famous sites in North America, MMORPG.com, successfully beat “World of Warcraft” and has become popular championship. More and more players are into the RIFT game.

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