Renegade Network Marketer – Easy Way To Multiple Income Residual Streams

Earning one income stream from home is a big mountain to climb for many opportunity seekers. Earning a multiple income residual stream seems an impossible task.

The truth is, it’s not and for those in a network marketing business, what may have just been a dream is suddenly becoming a reality.

Multiple Income Residual Stream

When multiple streams of income from one business was suggested in the Renegade Network Marketer the idea may have gone over the head of most network marketers. After all, trying to establish their primary business had to be their sole focus and trying to attempt anything else would seriously diminish that focus.

Now, that possibility is reality because despite the fact you may be building an MLM business and you’re limited to earning from either products sold or the residual created by your down line, did you realize you can introduce a new model to your business which can create income streams from other sources other than your primary business.

For example, introducing an affiliate income stream to your business can create immediate cash flow. The concept of affiliate marketing is not new in mainstream internet marketing but it is to network marketers.

Produce a report either on making money in network marketing or on some aspect of wealth building. If you think you can’t produce one yourself then hire it out. Resources such as Elance and Rentacoder have many authors capable of writing a short report for you for a fee.

Use the report as part of your lead generation. It can be offered as a free download to prospects and your aim is to bring them into your business funnel as a list subscriber.

The report should be constructed in such a way that it engenders an interest in the prospect to want to know more and you provide more in the form of extra useful information.

During this relationship building phase you can suggest other resources they can look at and this will include products for which you are an affiliate for. But only recommended high quality products otherwise you’ll lose credibility.

Your aim during this period is to establish yourself as an authority figure to your prospect. Your aim is to teach them how they can also generate another income stream to their business. You do this by teaching them what you know.

As a network marketer, it’s all about creating a multiple income residual stream and not limiting yourself to just one source of income.

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