Passion And Innovation- Cummins India Careers

Presence of Cummins in India was felt with a joint venture incorporated in year 1962. Plant was launched in Pune and it started manufacturing engines in the start of the year 1964. Its a group of complementary businesses which designs, manufactures, service engines and generators along with related technologies. Vision and mission are the solid back bone for the expansion of the company worldwide. They have covered around 200 locations in the country and around 14,000 individuals. It has vast diversions in the industries like Industrial Business, Power Generation Business, Automotive Business, Distribution business etc.

Presence of Company
Over the World it has shown it presence. Some of the countries which could be mentioned are Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Middle East, South Pacific and Asia. They took with the joint ventures and expanded their selfs. Joint ventures were with different groups to name some we have Fleet guard Filters Pvt. Limited, Cummins Generator Technologies India limited, Tata Cummins limited etc.

Future Prospects for Career
Career has always been a kind of mind game and lots of pressure is built up after you complete your professional degree. Its the time when one has to decide about his future and his whole life he needs to lead. Especially a person who has completed his engineering needs to look into the right choice of the company. As we have seen Cummins India Careers expanding so much, that every individual feels like he should have a career with Cummins. As Cummins in India careers are having innovative and global involvement. Some of the inputs expected from any candidate who needs to join Cummins are innovative, global involvement, passion to carry out assigned Task with great zeal and passion.

Social Responsibility and Agenda of Curriculum
Cummins have shown their presence with the civic bodies, administration regime, Social Welfare and NGOs. It has always tried to deal with upliftment and upbringing the atmosphere, higher education etc. It believes that with social presence comes the responsibility of employees work and life.

Mission and vision inspiring for Career Aspirants
Company wants that the Cummins India Careers should reach to a height where everyone aspires to be part of the company and feels proud to be part of it. Encouraging employees to believe that they are like owners who are working together. Incorporate responsibility and serve and improve communication without boundaries.
Cummins India always tries to bring their best in front of their customers. They always strive to do what is right and what they have committed to their customers. Candidates always aspire for such kind of work opportunity.