Employee Referral Programs Are Hiring Gold

Human capital is the most valuable asset a company has. After all, it’s the knowledge and skill-sets of the employees that keep a business productive, competitive and growing. One of the best ways to find and cultivate new talent for your business is through employee referrals. Implementing a well thought-out referral program can help fill vacant positions faster and improve the retention rate of the company.

In addition, a program of this nature can lead to better quality workers. This is because current employees already understand the culture of the company and they can weed out candidates who don’t fit in. This can keep you from wasting your time interviewing people who are going to either quit of get canned shortly after they’re hired.

Choosing A Good Career Path With The Help Of A Career Coach

Many times a lot of people, old and young are unsure of the best decisions to make that will ensure they progress career wise. Making the choice of a career to go for might as well be a big stressor to a lot of young people. Career counseling refers to the guidance given to a person to enable him make decisions on such things as subjects to study or the best schools and colleges that will help him achieve desired goals in life. The overall aim by those who seek this kind of counseling is usually to be ripe for employment in a sector related to his choice of career.

The person who gives career counseling is called a career coach. A career coach will guide a person make the best career choice based on his personality, talents and interests. This should not be taken to mean only those youngsters who are having a hard time choosing a course in life, career coaches also help mature adults in dilemmas like changing vocations. Therefore a career coach needs some training in psychology as with this, they are best poised to learn a persons attributes.

Chemical Engineer Salary

The chemical engineering is the profession in which one works principally in the chemical industry to convert the basic raw materials into the variety of products and deals with the design and operation of chemical plants and equipments to perform such operations. Chemical engineer is the one who applies the principles of chemical engineering in practical applications with respect to the study of design, manufacture and operation of plant. As of now you know that the chemical engineer is the position of great responsibility, good salary packages are offered to these engineers. The salary for chemical engineer varies depending on the type of project and the company.
Chemical Engineer Salary:
Chemical engineering field is creating new career opportunities and have been immense and rewarding profession in terms of career and money. The chemical engineer salary is highest and most decent in the engineering fraternity.
The chemical engineering is increasing its wings in various sectors and it has lots of scope in future. In good companies, the average salary of the chemical engineer ranges anywhere from $87,000 to $1,22,345 and in some companies, it is between $63,000 to $88,000. For the research and development field it ranges from $63,000 to $98,000.
Chemical engineering is one of the evergreen branches of engineering. There are many chemical hubs opening in India and abroad adding to the growth of chemical engineering industry. Many companies are hiring number of students every year in this sector. The major chemical companies in this industry are HP, IOCL, TATA Chemicals, etc.
The field of chemical engineering is vast and there are many job options for a chemical engineer. The chemical engineer can get the job in following industries.
Fertilizer technology
Petroleum Refining
Recycling metals
Glass and plastics industry
Paints and Dyes
Processing of Food and Agricultural products
Cosmetics Industry
Prevention and control of environmental hazards
Mineral based industry
The starting salary of the chemical engineer in the above industries may not be high, but it will gradually increase with the increasing experience.
Chemical Engineer Salary Range:
Chemical Manufacturing – $68,000 to $85,000
Engineering Consultant $65,000 to $80,000
Oil and Gas Industry – $70,000 to $88,000
Pharmaceuticals – $70,000 to $88,000
Petroleum Refining – $76,000 to $95,000
Government/ federal Agencies – $50,000 to $100,000
The salary range of the chemical engineer depends on what type of job you are going to get, the type of company, your academic qualifications, etc. Choose the industry that you are best interested in.

The Workshops will Strengthen Employment and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Students

Cospedal The Government has invested 207,000 euros in the two workshops Cabanillas, for 20 students with six months of training

Spain, May 14, 2013 – The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Home, said that employment workshops and entrepreneurship that has launched the Government chaired by Mara Dolores Cospedal “are a gateway to the labor market from the point of view serve to self-employment and entrepreneurship consolidate all students. ”

Karvy Careers Is Challenging And Enthusisatic

Karvy aims at getting the competent and efficient young people into its team. The people will reach their higher levels in Karvy careers. If the candidate it challenging and enthusiastic then this is the right place for opening his career. The people who join to this company will try to remain here as they will reach the correct heights in this company. The people who join here will get immense knowledge in the field. They can use each and ever opportunity to build their skills. The candidate will face a lot of challenges in the work place. He has to work with the team with full co-operation for getting best results.

Karvy will recognize the talent and also reward for the work done by the candidate. The candidate has to build up the career with his own personal interest. The professional part of the candidate will grow with his personal skills. He will learn all the ways to improve the experience in the company to give the best to the customers. The candidate will surely build his career in the company. The candidate will get a lot of incentives and also benefits. This company is friendlier for the employees and thus the candidates will go to higher posts. But individual interest and hard works always work out.