Outsourcing Staff, The Way Forward In The City

A lot of companies and businesses are still suffering from the global recession that put so many firms at risk. Many organisations find themselves in a position where they have recovered enough to require extra staff during busy periods, but are simple unable to sustain this level of trade throughout the year. Unfortunately as a result of this many companies are reluctant to take on extra staff as they fear that it’s not financially viable for them in the long-run. Fortunately these companies are starting to find a solution that benefits both parties. They are often opting to hire temporary staff from hr outsourcing organisations without the headache of having to offer them a full-time role.

Essentially this is an option that is very positive for both employer and employee. The out-of-work worker is lucky enough to find work at a time when the economic climate is very difficult, and the employer is able to acquire another pair of hands while escaping the need to take on the responsibility of another person’s payroll. They are able to allow the company that outsource the worker to them to take care of the paying of wages and other administration, with the firm only responsible for the day-to-day task management of the worker in question. In addition to this the outsourcing company even promise to take care of finding a replacement should the worker leave.

A City such as Bangkok, a thriving international hub, has many companies that can take advantage of a service like this. Outsourced staff are very popular as they fit in with the often -minimal risk’ cost of setting up a business in Bangkok. Companies are able to take on temporary staff through outsourcing companies before they realize whether or not their company is going to be successful. This cuts out all the issues and contractual issues they may have if they were to set on permanently hired direct staff when they open for business. If they realise that the concept isn’t going to work they can easily get the staff member off their books without worrying about having to pay off large sums of money.

So does it work? Clearly it does. For any outsource service to have so much success in a highly competitive city such as Bangkok shows that there must be significant interest from companies in hiring this type of worker. As long as both parties are on the same wavelength it seems clear that in current times there’s clearly a place for the temporary worker in Asia.

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