Monitor Employee Productivity

Internet of the twenty-century atheist provides extreme amount of recreational activities on the Internet, which is available on a few simple mouse clicks. The list is long indeed, and it is increasing year after year:
Web browsing
social networks, like Facebook and Twitter
Entertainment on the line, such as games, youtube, blog
e-mail correspondence
Instant Messaging
File-sharing over P2P networks

Created most of these technologies for the benefit of users, usually charging no money for unlimited access. But may what is good for some, it may cause problems for others. Research has shown, which has lost up to 30% of staff work time because of the misuse of Internet-related technologies. This has gained recently cyberslacking name, and costs employers an estimated $ 1 billion per year just in wasted computer resources. In the recent survey anonymously, admitted 39% of the staff to use the Internet at work for personal reasons more than one hour per day 1. This does not lead to the loss of billions of dollars around the world as a result of low productivity, but often associated with illegal activities, such as file sharing of the contents of the copyright. In all cases, the employer will have to deal with the costs of misusing company equipment and infrastructure.
There are many ways to address this problem. Solutions to a variety of blocking access to the Internet to plan the workspace in a way optimized for supervision. However KeeLog offers a simple solution to the very next at very low cost: hardware keyloggers.
What is the hardware keylogger? The hardware keylogger is an electronic device is able to capture keystrokes of PS/2 or USB keyboard. It is a keystroke logger that can be multi-purpose that is perfectly suited to monitor the application of employee productivity

Keyloggers and perfect tools to perform this kind of tasks:

It is very easy to install
Cost optimization
means guaranteed by the hardware
OS independent
Easy to handle and maintain

Who else uses the hardware keylogger? Keyloggers and many of the users:

parents to monitor children
employers to monitor staff performance
IT managers, to gather statistics
Police and investigators to collect evidence
The book, to make a backup copy of the written text
shops and stores, keeping track of the data barcode scanner
… And everyone, keeping track of what is happening on their computers!
Installing a hardware keylogger is a 15-second task. No drivers or software are necessary. In fact, the computer doesnt even need to be switched on. Simply plug the keylogger in between the keyboard and the port. The keylogger will automatically start recording all data typed on the keyboard to the internal flash disk.