Mlm Residual Income The Truth About How Long It Will Take You To Reach Financial Freedom

Have you ever asked yourself how long youre willing to work to achieve an MLM residual income worth bragging about?

The ultimate goal of anybody in MLM is to build a network up so that the MLM residual income becomes substantial. Most people are attracted to MLMs because they typically require a relatively small initial investment compared to other programs (around $300 or higher, the last time I looked.) But what they find out when theyre already in the system is that it can take a newbie without an existing network anywhere from 3-5 years to build up a network big enough to generate a monthly residual income of $5,000 or more.

They also discover that its fairly common for some people in a downline to switch over to a different MLM company. When that happens, its a lot like a house of cards that collapses, because your MLM residual income suddenly suffers a major hit from losing so many people down the line. Thats not even counting the people who decide theyre not cut out for MLM and leave after a couple of months.

The success stories you read about from people who actually do earn money from MLM are almost always from people who have a well-established network theyve been cultivating for some time. Bottom line — the all-important consideration when it comes to MLM is having a network in place. Because no matter how attractive the compensation plan an MLM company offers, youre not likely to get the MLM residual income you want unless you already have a proven, built-in network. So if youre just starting out in an online business but you want a faster way to earn money from residual income, you may want to consider other options like a top tier direct sales program.

In top tier direct sales, representatives start earning from the very first sale on the entry level product. And although the entry level product typically costs more at $1500 – $1800, the commission on closing a deal is truly massive. Just be sure theres no pass up involved. Theres also nothing preventing you from entering at a higher tier and getting larger commissions. Top tier direct sales also has a tendency to attract more committed online entrepreneurs since theres a significant initial investment involved. This generally means the people you bring in to your network has every reason to work just as hard as you do so you receive that massive residual income youve been dreaming of. You can also pretty much build a network and generate your own leads because the amounts of money involved acts like a filter to pre-qualify prospects. By focusing on bringing in just 2 people a day to your network, youll be earning massive residual income within your first year.