Massage Therapy Salary No Single Determining Factor

There is no single factor but multiple factors that determine massage therapy salary. What are the factors? It depends on whether you are working full time or part time; who are you working for; whether you are a freelancer or associated with an institution or organization. These are factors that are top of the head and there could be additional factors. Nevertheless, there have been numerous attempts at finding the salary levels of the massage therapists.

If you are working as a skilled massage therapist than you the opportunity to get a fairly high amount of salary, which could go up to $69,000 per year! However, if you count the average salary otherwise, the salary for a massage therapist reaches closer to $35,000 per year with plenty of opportunities for promotions.

A big chunk of your salary comes from tips from customers. Hence, building up on a satisfied customer base is the most important determinant of higher income.

If you are a massage therapist, you would usually need a certification. In other words, you might need to go through a massage therapy institute and also complete a certification test. You’ll also need to verify with your native state to be absolutely sure that you fully fulfill the stipulated requirements.

The following information gives an idea of the massage therapist salaries:

– The lowest salary is $16,670
– The average salary is $34,900
– The highest salary is $69,620

The following information gives you an idea of the massage therapist salaries, based on industries:

– Personal Care Service industry gives a salary of $37,230
– Travel Accommodation industry gives a salary of $36,520
– Recreation Industries gives a salary of $41,430
– Physician Offices industries gives a salary of $43,350

The other top paying industries for massage therapy profession are (by the order of lowest to highest salary):

– Dental Offices (Annual average salary is 45,280)
– Specialty Hospitals (Annual average salary is 45,620)
– Nursing Care Facilities ((Annual average salary is 47,410)
– Junior Colleges (Annual average salary is 52,170)
– Other Schools (Annual average salary is 73,020)

Similarly, massage therapy salaries for industries that have the highest employment generation are:

– Physician Offices (Annual average salary is 43,350)
– Recreation Industries (Annual average salary is 41,430)
– Traveler Accommodation (Annual average salary is 36,520)
– Health Offices (Annual average salary is 44,830)
– Personal Care Offices (Annual average salary is 37,230)

Hence, massage therapists do have a pretty good career beckoning. The salary levels are pretty good and relative to other industries, they would not be ranked too badly. In fact, the massage therapist might be able to earn more than many other professionals. All you need are skills and good contacts.