Financial Careers for Small Business Consulting

Career planning and development strategies have taken on a new life during recent years because of a disappointing employment market and a changing economy. Industries such as banking, real estate and automobile manufacturing have undergone massive changes that have impacted many career plans. Recent college graduates have some of the highest unemployment and underemployment rates experienced during the past five decades. Is it any wonder that more individuals are taking a serious look at their career choices?

As with any problem, the goal should be to formulate a strategy that results in one or more practical solutions. Part of this process should realistically investigate what the problems are as well. For anything as complex as business careers, it is likely that multiple solutions might emerge from this process. In other words, a solution that is prudent and realistic for one individual might not work well for others. Career choices have always involved some need to acknowledge individual preferences and differences, but some of the traditional paths do not always reflect this attribute.

It should really not be surprising to observe that a very rigid and non-individualized approach to career development such as a university education frequently produces a disappointing outcome. It of course depends on what is desired from such an expensive and lengthy educational process. The pursuit of learning is a generalized goal that will generally be fulfilled by most college classes. However if immediate employment in a career of choice is the primary goal, recent employment statistics have demonstrated disappointing results.

A financial career option that perhaps does not get enough attention is one involving small business finance consulting. This is a specialized career path that does involve business and finance so it will not necessarily be of interest to everyone. In many cases this is a career alternative that can be pursued on either a part-time or full-time basis, so there is often the possibility of scheduling flexibility to consider as a potential advantage in comparison to other options.

Because small business finance consultants provide specialized management and planning advice to small businesses, finding an appropriate and effective career training program is usually critical to success in financial careers like this. As noted above, the lack of enough individualized training in a university environment is frequently noted by prospective employers as a serious impediment to hiring recent college graduates. Whether considering the possibility of a small business consulting career or other specialized choices, the availability of an individualized career training program should be thoroughly evaluated.

Stephen Bush has provided candid business advice to small business owners for over 30 years. He specializes in business finance planning and business development. Steve offers career training programs for small business finance consulting throughout the United States and Canada.