Discover How Much Salary A Patent Attorney Earns – 3 Interesting Facts

Patent attorneys are always in great demand. So it can be said that the salary the person earns is bound to be a good one. According to, the average salary earned by patent attorneys in the US in 2011 is $101,000. AIPLA or the American Intellectual Property Law Association however disagrees. According to AIPLA, the average salary is much more than that. It should be somewhere around $180,000 in a year. That’s a monthly income of $15,000, and that’s extremely good by any standards, anywhere in the country.

An In-depth Insight Why Salaries Vary

*Of course, not all lawyers or attorneys in the country will be earning $15,000 every month. There will be those who won’t make anything close to that as well. But then, you are sure to find those top lawyers who make much more than $180,000 in a year. In fact, some of them can earn even up to $300,000 annually. These are your most renowned lawyers in the US. Here too, like other professions, salaries earned can vary widely depending on several factors.

*At the top end of the ladder are people who work in private firms. But there is a difference here as well. Partners in these firms will earn much more money than the associates. According to AIPLA, associates make around $125,000 on an average in the first year of their service. It goes up progressively from there as the person gains more experience and knowledge through work done for different clients. Sometimes, the starting salary offered will vary from one person to another, depending on the school the person went to. In other words, if you are from one of the best schools in the country, and if you have cleared your examination with distinction, you can certainly expect to earn more even as a fresher.

*Patent attorney salary will also vary depending on the place of work. If you are working in one of the big cities such as New York, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, Los Angeles or somewhere else, then you can certainly expect to earn more. People who are employed in smaller towns on the other hand will usually earn considerably less. The firms that employ them do not have so many clients, and naturally, what they can pay out will be less. The cost of living in a place will also determine the salary structure.

Individual brilliance will always play a role in determining the salary later. So, if you are really good, your talent will certainly be recognized.