Custom Notepads To Advertise Your Profession

It is always such a relief to get notepads or prescription pads from your doctor. Any appointment with your doctor is incomplete without your doctor scribbling something on his custom notepads. It is as if, the notepad or prescription pad is the cure itself. But have you ever wondered where doctors will be without their ubiquitous custom notepads?

Notepad printing to a doctor is like a chisel to a sculptor or a measuring tape to a civil engineer. Aside from the ever present stethoscope dangling from your doctor’s neck, notepads make up the overall image. Notepad printing gives the doctor the authority to prescribe medicines that will eventually cure you of your illnesses.

There are other professions which could use the help of a notepad. Lawyers for instance can have custom notepads designed for themselves. Aside from their measuring tapes, engineers and even architects use notepad printing to scribble measurements or instructions to their foreman. They can even use it to jot down progress report for their clients. In many instances, notepads are good marketing tools not unlike brochures or flyers or even business cards. As such, notepads should be designed properly to maximize its potential to create more business for you.

Consider the following tips in designing your notepad printing:

1. Your Name Should Stand Out. If you are engaged in a solo profession or private practice, your name should be the most visible object in the notepad. It creates the image of authority and trust. It should be printed in a way that it can be easily read. Refrain from using those cursive fonts because it is sometimes very difficult to read especially to non-native speakers who are more used to reading characters. Use common fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial and consider making it bold.

2. Use Logos if Available. Logos give some sense of affiliation. A doctor who is connected to a hospital might want to include it in her notepad. A lawyer who is a partner in a law firm might include the law firm’s name. Logos add some credence to the person’s reputation so if it is available, always include it in the design.

3. Make it a Mini-Resume. Your custom notepads might include your credentials. A doctor can include his credentials or affiliations. A lawyer might include his specialization. Credentials on notepads are good because it speaks about your background. It suggests professionalism and adds credence to your practice.

There are a lot more you can do with your notepads but always remember your purpose: market yourself.