Choosing A Good Career Path With The Help Of A Career Coach

Many times a lot of people, old and young are unsure of the best decisions to make that will ensure they progress career wise. Making the choice of a career to go for might as well be a big stressor to a lot of young people. Career counseling refers to the guidance given to a person to enable him make decisions on such things as subjects to study or the best schools and colleges that will help him achieve desired goals in life. The overall aim by those who seek this kind of counseling is usually to be ripe for employment in a sector related to his choice of career.

The person who gives career counseling is called a career coach. A career coach will guide a person make the best career choice based on his personality, talents and interests. This should not be taken to mean only those youngsters who are having a hard time choosing a course in life, career coaches also help mature adults in dilemmas like changing vocations. Therefore a career coach needs some training in psychology as with this, they are best poised to learn a persons attributes.

Career counseling involves some kind of assessment done on a person to realise their areas of strengths and weaknesses and how these will impact upon a given career choice. A cognitive ability test is one such test and will offer insights on the best subjects a student can excel in.

One challenge facing career counseling is the trend by a lot of people to value more the advice of others in the profession they are in or for youngsters, desire. The advice given by a career coach will most likely be disregarded for the feelings of a close or respected relative. However, these people may not be adept at linking aspects of personality with an intended career path. Most of the time also, youngsters will complain that they do not have access to a career coach. Thus, the likelihood is that they may seek the services of a career coach later on in life when a path taken with little information does not satisfy them anymore. While career counseling might actually help such a person, the interferences and changes he may have to adapt would have been avoided.

Career counseling is meant to ensure one chooses a path that will not only serve him in terms of income but will give as well good emotional satisfaction. Career coach does this guidance as they are well knowledgeable in the disciplines of human behaviour assessment.

Chemical Engineer Salary

The chemical engineering is the profession in which one works principally in the chemical industry to convert the basic raw materials into the variety of products and deals with the design and operation of chemical plants and equipments to perform such operations. Chemical engineer is the one who applies the principles of chemical engineering in practical applications with respect to the study of design, manufacture and operation of plant. As of now you know that the chemical engineer is the position of great responsibility, good salary packages are offered to these engineers. The salary for chemical engineer varies depending on the type of project and the company.
Chemical Engineer Salary:
Chemical engineering field is creating new career opportunities and have been immense and rewarding profession in terms of career and money. The chemical engineer salary is highest and most decent in the engineering fraternity.
The chemical engineering is increasing its wings in various sectors and it has lots of scope in future. In good companies, the average salary of the chemical engineer ranges anywhere from $87,000 to $1,22,345 and in some companies, it is between $63,000 to $88,000. For the research and development field it ranges from $63,000 to $98,000.
Chemical engineering is one of the evergreen branches of engineering. There are many chemical hubs opening in India and abroad adding to the growth of chemical engineering industry. Many companies are hiring number of students every year in this sector. The major chemical companies in this industry are HP, IOCL, TATA Chemicals, etc.
The field of chemical engineering is vast and there are many job options for a chemical engineer. The chemical engineer can get the job in following industries.
Fertilizer technology
Petroleum Refining
Recycling metals
Glass and plastics industry
Paints and Dyes
Processing of Food and Agricultural products
Cosmetics Industry
Prevention and control of environmental hazards
Mineral based industry
The starting salary of the chemical engineer in the above industries may not be high, but it will gradually increase with the increasing experience.
Chemical Engineer Salary Range:
Chemical Manufacturing – $68,000 to $85,000
Engineering Consultant $65,000 to $80,000
Oil and Gas Industry – $70,000 to $88,000
Pharmaceuticals – $70,000 to $88,000
Petroleum Refining – $76,000 to $95,000
Government/ federal Agencies – $50,000 to $100,000
The salary range of the chemical engineer depends on what type of job you are going to get, the type of company, your academic qualifications, etc. Choose the industry that you are best interested in.

The Workshops will Strengthen Employment and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Students

Cospedal The Government has invested 207,000 euros in the two workshops Cabanillas, for 20 students with six months of training

Spain, May 14, 2013 – The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Home, said that employment workshops and entrepreneurship that has launched the Government chaired by Mara Dolores Cospedal “are a gateway to the labor market from the point of view serve to self-employment and entrepreneurship consolidate all students. ”

This was said by the Minister during a visit to the town guadalajarea Cabanillas del Campo, where he met workshops Sustainable Rural Development Promotion developed there: Farming and Community Services in Cabanillas.

The workshops have a regional government financial aid of 207,000 euros, are targeted at 20 students and made part of a project manager and a teacher, to “get all the knowledge they are acquiring during collective training can materialize in the implementation of profitable business, with which contribute to the development of Castilla-La Mancha in general and Cabanillas del Campo and the region in particular. ”

Home stated that “after the six month duration of the courses, students will receive a professional certificate, with which they can ensure they are fully qualified to carry out their activities, or to start directly into employment as self-employed.”

Casero, accompanied by the Mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, Jaime Celada, the president of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara, Ana Guarino, and the regional government delegate in Guadalajara, Jos Luis County, has predicted that “the works of Inditex’s logistics center will his lungs. We hope that will be completed in early 2014 and, surely, help to generate around 500 jobs, thanks to the investment of 150 million euros that the multinational will take place in this county, “said.

In this regard, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has stated that “the hub of top international help has also many other companies that decide to settle around the multinational to boost the industrial sector across the province”

Finally, Home has reiterated that “to-day work as firmly the first time to ensure that each day there are more entrepreneurs that are committed to Castilla-La Mancha and, certainly, in that way will the Government as an ally Cospedal “.

Press Contact: Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Media Relations Consejeria de Empleo y Economia Address: Avda Ireland No 14 512-212-1139

Karvy Careers Is Challenging And Enthusisatic

Karvy aims at getting the competent and efficient young people into its team. The people will reach their higher levels in Karvy careers. If the candidate it challenging and enthusiastic then this is the right place for opening his career. The people who join to this company will try to remain here as they will reach the correct heights in this company. The people who join here will get immense knowledge in the field. They can use each and ever opportunity to build their skills. The candidate will face a lot of challenges in the work place. He has to work with the team with full co-operation for getting best results.

Karvy will recognize the talent and also reward for the work done by the candidate. The candidate has to build up the career with his own personal interest. The professional part of the candidate will grow with his personal skills. He will learn all the ways to improve the experience in the company to give the best to the customers. The candidate will surely build his career in the company. The candidate will get a lot of incentives and also benefits. This company is friendlier for the employees and thus the candidates will go to higher posts. But individual interest and hard works always work out.

The employees of Karvy will share the profit of the company also. The punctuality also pays here if the candidate comes to the office in time. The attendance also will give the necessary payment. There are many vacations which will pay you. The life insurance of the employee will be looked after by the company. When the employee gets retired then he will get maximum benefits from the company. If the performance is good then the company will really reward him through out his Karvy careers.

The candidates will be given more training so that they will be updated to the present technical and other aspects. The candidates will get maximum profit in the long run. He will have a lot of benefits for his good service. The colleagues are co-operative and they will give totally a team work which will help the candidate to improve his skills. All will be working for one reason and so it will be very comfortable in the work place. The salary and the bonus are the main attractions which will be satisfying. The candidate can reach new heights with his own hard working.

Vehicle Tracking And Employee Rights.

Many companies operating fleet who introduce a vehicle tracking system for the first time would, of course, be concerned in the impact on their employees when installing mobile workforce tracking or a GPS vehicle tracking across their entire operation.

The rise of commercial vehicle tracking across the relevant industries dependent on running the most cost-effective and efficient fleet they possibly can has meant many changes of working practice, not least for the vehicle drivers.

Introducing change of an employees working conditions, obviously requires great care to be taken, not least from a legal point of view and how it affects their individual contracts of employment.

Essentially, there are two key differences to be determined when instigating mobile workforce solutions:

Business use only or – Business and Personal use.

Business Use …

Fitting a vehicle tracker into a vehicle to be used only for day-to-day, strictly work related business, e.g. delivery van, it is recommended that employees driving the vehicle should be informed not only that the system will be fitted, but also why it is being fitted, how it works and exactly the nature of the data to be collected and what its use will be and how it is intended to benefit everyone at the company.

It is important that employees fully understand and appreciate all the objective reasons for wishing to obtain the information that will be provided from the system and why it is needed to help with business efficiency and improvement. Concerns and objections raised by employees obviously need to be discussed to reach agreement on fitting the system but legal advice should be sought if agreement cannot be reached.

Business and Personal use…

Essentially, the same considerations as in business use only but with the addition of taking into account that the system will provide data on the vehicles movements outside working time. Concern may be raised by employees that this data could be used to obtain information about their private lives and if so, could be seen as an infringement of their human rights.

Once again, it is strongly advised and to be made absolutely clear that the data collected by the system will only be accessed for data relating to working hours only, unless the vehicle is stolen or in an accident. Employees need to know as to who will have access to the data and its use for business.

Company contracts of employment should be redrawn so there should be clause which allows for the fitting and/or use of the system in any vehicles provide for company/personal use.

Why companies pay employee referral bonuses

Till some time ago, an employee referral program was just another feel good scheme from the HR function which ran more on paper than in actual life. However as companies started adopting innovating means to hire much needed talent,they have begun to to focus on and strengthen their social employee referral program for greater effectiveness. High success rate of using employees as recruiters, in terms of faster hiring, better quality of candidates and lower recruitment costs, stand testimony to its efficacy.

Employers have nowwoken up to the enormous untapped potential of personal networks and the hiring success that they can potentially produce if utilized effectively. Typically employees average around 150 contacts on social media networks, which translate into approximately 15000 potential candidates for an organization, with employee strength of around 100. Businesses are increasingly focusing on social media recruiting tools to tap this virtually untapped talent pool through innovative and rewarding employee referral programs.

Employers are willing to shell out significant amounts as referral bonuses to motivate and prod employees into tapping into their social network for hiring. The bonuses are intended to push employees into actions like email to their alma mater’s mailing list, or connect with potential candidates on linked in or any other social media. Reaching out to one’s network could beaccompanied with social implications, hence employees are may not be keen to put in the extra effort unless encouraged with monetary and other rewards.

In Last year’s BRW Best Places to Work awards, 40 out of the top 50 companies offered a referral bonus, which only goes to show that the benefit of successful referral programs extends beyond ensuring vacant positions are filled. They can contribute significantly towards building a congenial working atmosphere leading to lower attrition rates.

Also combining employee referral and social recruiting works out to be less expensive than employing the services of a recruitment agency or other recruitment methods like advertising on job portals. The amount of referral bonus varies substantially from company to company depending on the recruitment needs of the company at that particular point in time. The referral bonus is generally paid out according to guidelines established by the company related to process of referring a candidate and eligibility.

A survey by Jobvite reported higher levels of job satisfaction and retention among employees hired through employee referral tools, with a sizeable 47% of employees hired through employee referrals, staying with the organization for more than three years. Candidates acquainted with a current employee have a better sense of the organization and its culture while joining, and are also able to adapt much faster with a known employee mentoring them in the initial phases.

Author Bio

Savio Vadakkan is the Marketing Professional at ZALP, a unique employee referrals booster. ZALP helps organizations tap the full potential of their employee referral program, employee referral tool using advanced social media integration, social recruiting and interesting features like gamification.

Life Coach Salary What Can I Expect To Make

Any life coach annual income will vary according to the knowledge, experience and achievements of each and every individual person employed in this profession. Life coaching, just in the past 10 years, has become popular as a home based career. You are now likely asking how much money will I make as a life coach. Conditions like cost of living (COL) in your region,what the company can afford to pay, and your resume, will determine your annual wage. This typically salary will be around $35,000/year. $35,000 to $60,000 yearly would be a reasonably accurate range for a life coach’s salary. Just like anything in life, your life coach salary will be a reflection of how much time you put into your life coaching business and your degree of training, such as having a life coach certification.

With experience of between 10 to 20 years, a life coach can expect to make $75,000 to $95,000. But you can make over $100,000 with hard work and an ambition to build your life coach business. Achieving a life coach certification will permit you to command a higher salary as a life coach. Life coach salaries are initially low but opportunities for pay increases occur in parallel as your degree of training and experience increases.

A life coach in the US bills on average about $200 per hour/session. Suggesting five consultations per client this works out to about $800 to $1,000. The math for this comes out to be over $3.66 per min. Between 20 and 30 pct of life coaches make a 6 figure salary, this can be you.

What is the quickest way to scale your salary above $10,000 per month, getting an outstanding mentor. It’s completely up to you, but it can be done. Therefore a life coach salary is absolutely dependent on each person and how hard they strive for that goal. You will find that as you become more accomplished and your life coach salary increases you will also demand more from your clients in their achievements. At least you will realize what ‘stretching yourself’ feels like!

I trust you see now that there is no ceiling to your life coach salary. Would you now say that the real truth is a life coach salary can almost be anything you want?

Yes part of this depends on your decision on whether to be full-time or part-time coach. Coaching part-time allows you to maintain your current positon if that is what you perfer. Or is full-time life coaching what you want requiring you to quit your current empoyer?

Deciding on full-time or part-time as a life coach is your choice, however money can and is being made in the life coaching business. Your life coach salary depends upon the sweat equity you put into your life coaching business.

Global Implementation of an Employee Program

Continued globalisation, people mobility, multi-generational workforce and a renewed focus on company culture have brought sweeping changes to business and have opened new frontiers of challenges for the Human Resource leaders. Globalisation & mobility of resources demand a need for policy homogeneity, so the employees have the same experience, no matter in which country office they are working in or moving to. There is a greater realisation amongst the HR community to have an evolved system that gives recognition a more structured, uniform and centralized approach whilst addressing the challenges posed by the developments.

As an HR manager, a few points to keep in mind while giving shape to a global recognition initiative are:

1) All hands on deck: Keep the participating countries involved at the early stage of program development. More often than not it’s been witnessed that the sponsor country would implement the program without informing other countries. This might result in a program that may be a cultural miss-fit. Including the local country representatives in the program and communication design, will help bring in the local nuances that are essential for a successful launch and acceptance.

2) Abundance is all there is: For a program to be attractive and relevant to all employees, it should create ample earning opportunities both in terms of avenues to earn and the amount to earn. As an HR manager, determine the earning parity for the participating countries and allocate budgets that will allow the participants to draw a significant award in that country. Good numbers of programs fail to deliver engagement due to under budgeting for rewards.

3) Communicate, communicate, and communicate: Any program to be successful requires an extensive Communication and Training plan. Recognition, often not seen as an immediate priority gets neglected by the managers. Importance of recognition timing is endemic to its own success and in building a productive organisation. Managers/employees must be trained to be aware when to recognize, for what behaviors and how much to reward. An organisation must plan a sound communication and training calendar that goes beyond just the launch

4) Go Native: Translate in local language wherever possible. Translation which plays an integral role in driving adoption of global programs is often missed during implementation. Translate all items of program communication such as program collaterals, website content, online demos so that employees can make best use of it.

5) All Access Pass: A lot of times, an organisation’s IT infrastructure/policies become an impediment in rolling out global initiatives and such challenges are more prevalent for organisations that have employees operating out of their client locations. Ensure that all employees including those working remotely or out of client locations have access to the recognition platform.

Employee Benefits Tuition Reimbursement For Higher Education

One of the greatest benefits employees can get from their employers is a tuition reimbursement; when an employer compensates the costs of a higher education for the employee. This will benefit both the employee as well as the employer.

The employee is the obvious beneficiary since they are getting their education paid for which is very pricey. Many businesses will only pay for a graduate-level degree. An average public state college costs $10,000 – $15,000 per year whereas an average private college or university can run up to $30,000 per year. With these costs, it takes a well established business to send their employees back to school. If an employee is fortunate enough to find a company that can offer this benefit, they must understand that it does not come without any cost to them. The courses will have to pertain to the curriculum of the company; if an employee decides to take courses out of the curriculum, they will most likely have to pay for it themselves. Also, as some companies will pay all the expenses, some will only pay for part of the total expenses. Many employers base the amount of payment to the grade point average (GPA) of the employee. It is typical that the required GPA is a minimum 3.5; for each point the employees GPA drops, the employer may decrease the compensation. Employees must also understand that they may have to pay for their education up front and the company will reimburse them upon completion. This may alter the choice of courses the employee decides to take at once.

The employers also benefit from the tuition reimbursement. Businesses offer tuition reimbursement for their employees either for the employee to acquire or expand their skills for their current position. With the extra education, an employer will receive employees with all the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the business, enhancing the productivity of the workplace. The employer can choose the courses or the degree the employee must take to have the program paid for ensuring the quality of the information the employee obtains. The employee will also be able to take on more assignments and finish them with a higher quality performance. Returning to obtain more information will also be guaranteeing the company less employee turnover. As an employer, they can demand that the employee stay with the company for a certain amount of time if they decide to take the tuition assistance; though many employees will not leave the company if they are anticipating the assistance. Along with getting a more qualified employee, employers receive a tax exemption up to $5,252 a year. This is called a qualified tuition program which allows someone to prepay or contribute to a students education expenses.

Apply now to get more information on tuition reimbursement and qualified tax breaks on the distribution for your education costs.

Salary Advance – Instalments Money Assistance

This scheme is named as salary advance scheme because this scheme offers you the fast money in your financial emergency. And you do not need to wait for your next month salary to get rid off these problems. And you can take this fast cash as your advance salary. So, this is very clear that this scheme is offered only for the salaried class people so that they can manage their all expenses until they get their coming month salary. So, better the current job you have with a good decent income source, the chance for the approval and getting big amount money increases.

This salary advance loan scheme is a short term financial assistance in which the finances are offered at relatively lower rate of interest. If you apply online, you can get the cash you need wired to your account directly in less than 24 hours. Although you can go for offline mode also, but this will take time as compare to the online mode. Main advantage of this online submission of form is that no paper work is needed and free from the all types of documents management because all the information will be handled over internet.

These loans can be easily qualified by those who are employed on regular basis for past 6 months continuously, should be more than 18 years in age with a valid checking account in a bank and you will be required to show recent bank statements also. Any UK citizen can apply for it despite of their any kind of credit history. So if you have all the above qualifications then you can acquire the loan sanction immediately. There is no necessity for any other information and your loan will be accepted without any difficulty after completing the criteria for sanction.

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