Many couples around the world experience difficulty with conceiving. However, you should not let a series of negative pregnancy tests dishearten you as a couple. Conception is a complicated concept which only happens during the fertile window of the woman’s cycle. Fertility specialists usually advise couples between the ages of 20years to the early 30s to naturally keep trying to conceive for at least a year. A woman may not conceive on the first, second, or third attempt. But after trying for a year and the tests are still negative, it becomes a matter of concern.

These days, more and more couples are opening up about their fertility problems because science and education have made it possible to deal with fertility issues. Reproductive health is no longer a subject of discussion behind closed doors as more people are proactively seeking reproductive health care thanks to reproductive health care. This guide will focus on three concepts that help you determine when to visit a Mississauga Infertility Clinic.

The age aspect

If you are below the age of 35years and have tried conceiving naturally for at least a year, it’s time to visit a fertility specialist. According to science, the ovarian reserve of a woman starts declining quickly after the age of 35. As a healthy woman ages, their egg reserve begins depleting and ultimately gets exhausted at the age of around 40-45years as the woman gets into menopause.

Mississauga Infertility Clinic

If you are above 35years of age and cannot conceive naturally within a 6months period or more, you should also see a fertility specialist. Women above 35 years may have a problem conceiving because the ovarian eggs are usually not the best quality at a later age. However, many of them can conceive through assisted reproductive techniques.

The malefactor

Males can also be the cause of infertility problems. Low sperm factor leads to reproduction problems due to other issues such as cancer/cancer treatment, pelvic injury, diabetes, varicocele, obesity, etc. A fertility specialist first carries out a semen analysis to determine further treatment options.

Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can also cause conceiving problems, which is where a sexologist or psychologist comes in. Moreover, any infections such as STIs can affect the quality of sperm and should be treated immediately. There are treatment options to help with male infertility, and you should see a fertility specialist immediately if you have such a problem.

The health aspect

Different health conditions can interfere with the fertility of a woman. Women who suffer from thyroid disorder often experience infertility issues such as abnormalities in fetal brain development or miscarriages. But through regular consultations with a fertility specialist, the woman can conceive with fertility treatment.

Women who have endometriosis are also advised to see a fertility specialist when they want to conceive. It may be associated with damaged ovaries, weaker fallopian tubes, and an unhealthy pelvic environment, leading to natural conception problems.

Also, if you have an undiagnosed fertility problem, you should see a fertility specialist. For instance, if you experience multiple miscarriages, pain in the pelvic area, irregular periods, absence or periods, and other reproductive health issues.

The final thoughts

Infertility problems in women and men can be treated through fertility treatments. You should see a fertility specialist early enough if you have a problem with conceiving naturally.


It is easy to put off that a fertility appointment in fear of the tests, fertility treatment costs, or in the hope that one more month will do the conception trick. Consulting with a fertility specialist is the right way of taking a proactive and positive approach to reproductive health care. Do not be afraid of what the fertility doctor will tell you because these days, there is a wide range of fertility treatments to help you conceive or start a family. It is commendable that you are taking the time to research what to expect during your first visit to a fertility specialist.

Bring your partner if possible.

A Fertility problem is not a woman’s problem alone but rather a couple’s problem. If you have a partner, many infertility doctors will advise you to bring them along. It is crucial to collaboratively share your infertility journey and understand the available treatment options. If your partner is not available, you can bring along a friend if you need more psychological support.

Procrea Fertility

Health history

When you visit a fertility clinic such as Procrea Fertility for the first time, expect the doctor first to listen and make notes about your medical history. You will discuss your current health history, your family’s health history, details about your partner, existing medical conditions, lifestyle, etc. It is advisable to bring medical records from your primary care physician, GYN/OB, or urologist if applicable. You may also bring a list of all the medications you are currently using, whether herbal or supplements, so that the doctor will get a clear picture of your health history.

Expect to chat about how long you have been trying to conceive naturally, how often you have intercourse and any other infertility problems such as miscarriages you have had before. The fertility specialist will also want to know if you had tried any fertility treatment options before and how the results were.

Physical examination

Your fertility specialist will carry out a series of urine, blood tests, a pelvic exam, or they will send you out for lab work. A physical examination is to find out the cause of fertility problems depending on your health history. The doctor may also recommend tests for the male partner on your first visit, so be prepared for that. If you had previously undergone such tests, the fertility doctor will review them with you and discuss the results. A vaginal exam may also be necessary to check your cervix. During the first visit, you should always feel free to ask any question that is bothering you or any clarification.

Protocol suggestion

Every fertility clinic follows specific procedures before initiating fertility treatment. Depending on the clinic, you may receive your results the same day or have to wait for a couple of days. At this point, your doctor will discuss with you what to expect and the various fertility treatment options available. For instance, they may decide to start with a few hormonal drugs to trigger natural conception.

Financial costs and payment options

At this point, you should discuss the financial costs with the fertility specialists to get a full picture of the budget beforehand. This will help you in determining if you can afford the treatment and the insurance options you have.

Final words

You may be feeling worried during your first appointment with a fertility specialist but be positive about it.

How to turn fat into muscle

Life is such that it seems easy to get things we don’t want and very difficult to get the things that we want. It is just like the way weeds will grow in a farm when they are not wanted and without any effort, while the farmer will have to toil, water and fertilize for their produce, and might still not get the right results. The same applies to fat production in the body. The body tends to produce and accumulate fat easily even when people deliberately try to avoid them, while the muscle they so require will need a lot of hard water and still, they might still have challenges with getting the right type and amount of muscle they want. This article will discuss how to turn fat into muscle.


One of the easiest ways to turn fat into muscle is by exercising. When you notice those that have a lot of muscles, you will observe that they are bodybuilders or that they invest a lot of time, effort and perhaps money into building their body. Hence, exercising and working out is the key to muscle development. You should strive to have a great routine for exercising if you want to turn your fat into muscle. Hence, you might decide that you want to work out every Saturday for 2 hours or daily for 30 minutes each day. Once you make up your mind on a routine, it is important to keep to the routine. It is worthy of note that the more time you invest in to work out and the more intense the workout, the better the results that you are going to get from working out. If you don’t know the type of workout to get involved in or you want to create a home gym to make it easier for you to work out, then you can browse through exercise stores on You will read about the experiences of other people on the equipment they bought, the type of workout they did, and the result they got. This will guide you to know the type of work out to do and which equipment to buy for your home gym.

Eating right

For quick and great results, you should add eating right to your exercise routine. Hence, you should make sure you eat healthy meals. Healthy meals are those that will provide you with every nutrient that you need for your daily activities, without any excess calories left. In most cases, it is when these excess calories that the body turns to fat, especially when you are not exercising. Hence, you should be deliberate about your eating and make sure that you only eat things that your body needs. Stay away from junks as they contain very high calories that are quickly turned to fat by the body.

Using supplements

The use of supplements is another important way to convert your fat into muscles. There are various types of supplements that you can use. You can check Predator Nutrition reviews to see some types of supplements available and the experience of those that use them. It is important to choose the right supplements that you need. Some of the most important supplements you might want to invest in are supplements that help you burn fat, supplements that energizes you so that you can spend quality time in your workout without getting tired as well as protein supplements that can help with healing your muscles quickly due to the effects of the workout. Consuming these types of supplements alongside exercising and eating right will quickly help you convert your fat to muscle.

What are the best ingredients to make a weight loss smoothie?

Smoothie has become a very popular drink around the world including for healthy food enthusiasts. The major reason for this is that you can add virtually any ingredient to a smoothie. Hence, those who are more concerned about drinking nicely tasting smoothies can add sweet ingredients while those who are interested in their health will concentrate more on using healthy and natural ingredients. Some ingredients increase the body’s metabolism rate and carry out other effects that can make a person lose weight. Some of these types of ingredients that you can add to your smoothie are discussed below.


You can add Ginger to your smoothie as it comes with many health benefits including helping you lose weight. Some of the ways adding ginger to your smoothie can help you lose weight include curbing the urge to overeat, the balance of sugar level in the blood, and boosting metabolism.

Oats Powder

You can also add Oats Powder to your breakfast smoothies as it would make the smoothie more satisfying. The implication is that it would take longer before you would get hungry that would need you to eat food that will make you consume some calories. Oats powder is also rich in fiber.


The great nutrient profile of Beetroots makes it an ideal food for health-conscious people. One of the benefits it also provides is weight loss. Their low level of sugar and calories as well as their rich antioxidant features contribute to a person’s goal to lose weight. Beetroots also enhance your muscle power making it possible for you to work out for longer periods. Some of these weight loss ingredients are also available as supplements that you can buy and take with the same results on your weight loss goals. You can read about Vitaauthority and other companies that sell supplements reviews on to know which supplements you can take to lose weight and where to buy them.


Flaxseeds are almost reputed to be one of the top ingredients that can make a person lose weight. The ingredient is rich in soluble mucilaginous fiber that reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. The ingredient can also help with suppressing hunger.

Chia seeds

Even though they are majorly planted because of their oil, the Chia seeds have also been promoted as a health ingredient. It can prevent hunger, thereby reducing the frequency you will want to get a snack.


If you want to lose weight fast, cinnamon should be a favored spice for you. It helps to solve the problem of water retention and relieves bloating. It positively affects the taste of your drink as well.

Coconut oil

Research has shown that consuming two coconut oil teaspoons can help you lose belly fat. Since the coconut oil is very close to being tasteless, you can add it to any type of smoothie without bothering about a reduction in the final taste.


Even though the thought of adding spinach to your smoothie might not be appetizing, your goal of losing weight should be enough motivation to add it. The vegetable can supply fiber to the body, thereby helping to keep you satisfied and reducing your craving for food.

Strawberries and Blueberries

The importance of these berries in weight loss and burning fat have been proven by many studies. They can activate genes that will help you burn fat. They are also rich in antioxidants. Strawberries contain polyphenols that can inhibit the body’s creation of fat.

Green Tea Powder

Green tea has a reputation for promoting weight loss. When you add the powder as one of the ingredients in your smoothie, it will trigger fat release from the cells in your body due to the catechins that are available in the Green tea. The flavor of the powder is also not strong, hence, you don’t have to worry about the powder negatively affecting the final taste of your smoothie.

Everything You Should Know About Hair Drug Testing Near Me

We have to start by saying that hair follicle drug tests require medical assistance, which means that you need to find a lab where you should conduct it in the first place.

At the same time, the technicians will check out both metabolites and parent’s drugs by using specimen from your head or other parts of your body.

Generally, hair drug testing is the best procedure that can help you determine long-term abuse since it can detect approximately everything you consumed in the last three months.

hair drug testing

As soon as technicians take your hair sample, they will take it to a lab that will screen it for illegal substances. You can expect the results in the next few days, depending on numerous factors.

Remember that you will need approximately five to ten days for metabolites to get inside your scalp and hair follicles. It means that if you consumed something yesterday, and today you undergo this particular test, you will not be positive.

Therefore, it is not sufficient for detecting current impairment or short-term abuse, but it can help you understand a particular applicant’s patterns and habits.

As soon as they get your hair sample, they will take it to the lab and conduct an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method to detect the presence of illegal metabolites within your follicles.

The next step is a confirmation test or Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, which is highly effective and will reduce false positive or negative results to a minimum.

In the further article, we wish to explain everything you should know before you undergo a hair follicle drug test.

Let us start from the beginning.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Hair?

It is vital to understand that most metabolites and parent drugs tend to stay within your follicles in ninety days. At the same time, we have mentioned above that the process of entering your follicles takes between five and ten days after consuming a particular drug.

They can detect the same substances as 10-panel screenings, which means that it can detect cocaine, amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, PCP, opiates, methadone, oxycodone, fentanyl, cannabis, and many more.

You should check here to learn everything about hair analysis, which will help you understand everything that will happen in the future.

Benefits of Hair Screening

We can differentiate numerous reasons why an employer would decide to implement hair instead of urine testing.

In case you run a business, you probably know about different drug abuse policies that you should implement to protect your workplace against potential issues and injuries.

The main reason why employers choose to implement a drug test is to ensure worker safety. On the other hand, federally employed people have to undergo a frequent and random drug test at least once a year to remain working.

This is highly important if you are working the transportation because, according to the DOT (Department of Transportation), professional drivers have to undergo a DOT drug screening to ensure that they can handle the job with ease.

In the further article, we wish to explore the benefits of hair follicle drug testing that you should remember.

1. Long Range of Detection

The most crucial benefit is a range of detection, which is something you need to remember. Keep in mind that this particular screening option is the most effective for determining drug abuse patterns, which means that you can detect an addict within your business premises.

You can use it for both legal and illegal substances, and compared with urinalysis, it is challenging to tamper with it. Generally, you can find numerous options for tampering with urinalysis, which is why employers choose this particular solution instead.

It can easily detect long-term drug abuse that goes for months. Even though it can detect longer abuse window than three months, it gets less conclusive for more extended periods.

That is the main reason why experts in this particular field decided to check the three months window, which is both accurate and conclusive.

2. Least Invasive

It would be best if you remembered that this particular screening type is one of the least invasive and intrusive options you can choose. Even though urinalysis is not invasive like blood screening, generally, it is embarrassing to urinate in a container while someone is behind your back.

If you wish to avoid this particular problem, you should conduct a hair test instead, which is a much better solution that will provide you peace of mind. The technicians will take the samples from your head.

Remember that if you do not have enough samples on your head, they can take samples from other parts of your body.

It means that you will not be able to shave your head and pass the test. Besides, if you decide to shave completely, you will look suspicious, which will affect your results.

3. Challenging to Cheat

We have mentioned above that urine drug tests come with a wide array of tampering options, especially since it is the most common drug screening form.

On the other hand, hair tests are challenging to cheat, especially since you cannot use fake hair and someone else’s sample because technicians will take your on-site. We recommend you to check out this guide: to learn how to pass a hair drug test with ease.

Simultaneously, you can use numerous detoxification products that will speed up your metabolism; however, once the metabolites are within your hair follicles, you will not be able to flush them internally.

Therefore, nothing you consume can erase the drug traces from your follicles. You can find numerous options online that will help you tamper with this particular screening method, but the processes are both harmful and dangerous for your hair and appearance.

Simultaneously, if you shave entirely, you will be suspicious, and your employer will choose another test instead. That is the main reason why you should think about abstinence for at least the next three months, which will help you pass the test and avoid further issues.

In case an employer-provided you a short notice, it is much better to be straightforward than to be caught.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy and Postnatal Pilates Classes You can Count on

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys a woman can experience. Pregnancy physiotherapy and postnatal Pilates make the entire process all the more comfortable, safe and happy. Women who opt for pregnancy physiotherapy and post-childbirth exercise regimen not only recover faster but also enjoy better health and protection from complications. Propel Physiotherapy, prominent physiotherapy experts catering to residents of Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, Essendon and other north-west Melbourne suburbs in neighbouring areas, have been offering expert pregnancy physiotherapy, postnatal Pilate exercises and a wide array of other physiotherapy services such as:

Exercise rehabilitation

  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Clinical Pilates exercise and group classes
  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Mastitis/blocked ducts
  • Home physiotherapy visits
  • Postnatal health
  • Women and men’s health

and more.

Here’s an overview of Pregnancy Physiotherapy and Postnatal Pilates guidance offered by Propel Physiotherapy:

Pregnancy Physiotherapy:

Experts recommend pregnancy physiotherapy strongly as it prescribes and provides the best treatment to women on the threshold of motherhood. At Propel Physiotherapy, pregnancy physiotherapy is offered through:

·  Prenatal health

Health during the prenatal stage of pregnancy can be maintained with clinical pilates exercise, which improves core, lower body and upper body strength during pregnancy.

·  Exercise during pregnancy

Aileen Sim, postgraduate-trained physiotherapist at Propel Physiotherapy who’s a well-known expert in women’s health, offers energetic yet gentle exercises for pregnancy that improve the core, pelvic floor, lower body and upper body strength. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the exercises, which are pelvic floor friendly, are wholly safe for pregnancy.

·  Back pain during pregnancy

Most women experience pregnancy back pain during pregnancy. Back pain affects in different ways, which is something very important to know. Women’s health physiotherapist Aileen at Propel Physiotherapy treats back pain exactly the way it should be and gives guaranteed results.  The experts also closely observe and check issues like tummy separation and treat it correctly. The line of treatment includes doing stretching and some soft tissue work on muscles that are tightened. Pregnant women are also provided assistance with posture and all the exercises they should perform as per their position and needs.

·  Pregnancy incontinence

Pregnancy incontinence is also quite common during pregnancy, especially during the later stages. Propel Physiotherapy recommends a thorough pelvic floor assessment, and the right pelvic floor muscle technique with appropriate dosage and progression to provide relief from pregnancy incontinence and related problems.

Postnatal Pilates

The special postnatal Pilates at Propel Physiotherapy consist of:

Mum and Bub exercises and postnatal check-up. Postnatal Pilates is a highly effective way of improving core strength, lower body, upper body and overall strength during the early postnatal stage. Propel Physiotherapy’s exclusive sessions focus intensely on:

  • Toning the pelvic floor muscles
  • Improving overall strength
  • Improving the posture and muscles in the upper back

The fact that each woman’s body is different has to be considered before prescribing any exercise. Being highly experienced and an expert in women’s health, Aileen is a pro at customising and recommending the right exercises that suit every new moms perfectly. Besides improving their overall well-being, postnatal pilates also let them experience the joy of exercising with their babies.

During postnatal check-up, Aileen and other physiotherapists listen caringly to new mothers and provide them all the assistance and support they need. They conduct all the check-ups that are necessary, prescribe exercises and monitor them individually to have a happy, healthy and easy motherhood.