Can You Afford Not To Include Security Awareness Courses In Your Staff Development Training

With the worlds ever changing technology, the methods used by hackers become more sophisticated daily. Your staff needs to be warned of the dangers which exist. You need to take every precaution you can to protect your companys information, including client and financial data bases.

Many people in top management cannot find the time to run their own training programs for staff development. Fortunately, there are many companies which offer Security Awareness Course. A visit to websites online will give you a sneak preview of the effective tutorials that can be presented on the purchasing companys own computer network. These videos will retain staff members attention, while valuable tips are delivered.

The information on online websites is free and employees can even attain a certificate in Information Security in the Workplace to add to their resumes. Staff in the HR department can make use of websites such as this to draw up their own training materials. Training which ends with the possibility of an accreditation often ensures that the staff takes training more seriously.

There are many online courses from which one may choose. On offer are training modules, video tutorials, posters for display boards and screensavers which serve as a constant reminder to all staff that security awareness is of paramount importance. As the management and security of data is of prime importance in this risky world, many online websites give such courses for free or for a small fee. Getting all your employees to train in these courses will benefit your company in the long term.

A company like Security Awareness Incorporated also offers on-site training. Their approach, namely that software alone is not enough to protect a companys information but that one need to involve all staff members is very effective. Once management has realized the need for Security Awareness Courses, they need only to research the myriad possibilities available online.

It is often impractical and too costly to send staff away for training, although there are many accredited courses they could complete through universities and colleges. An ideal solution for on the ground training would be to invest in the purchase of training modules and refresher courses for staff to use in the workplace.

Top Management might first need to be trained in The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) to establish the critical nature of the training and then work on the training and implementation of security policy in the workplace for all employees. The training must be simple and presented in writing at the completion of the course. Staff should sign the security policy on completion of the course to acknowledge compliance thereto.

Human beings often are more willing to adhere to policy if they are checked upon and rewarded for good performance. Supervisors could be tasked to undertake a daily, weekly or monthly check to ensure adherence to security policy. Compliance should be rewarded to encourage all staff to be constantly on alert to security threats in the workplace.