Anesthesiologist Salary From First Year

How much can you make right after becoming an anesthesiologist? Don’t worry, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that of all medical occupations surgeons and anesthesiologists get top salaries! Well, let’s look on some numbers in detail.

Statistics says that median anesthesiologist salary is about $211,750 per year which means $101,80 per hour. Not bad at all, is it? However, these figures reflect the salary of experienced anesthesiologists. How much can a newcomer make? When you finish residency training and pass certification exam, you can expect to earn around $115,470 a year. As in any profession, your salary will grow together with your experience. After few years of work anesthesiologist salary will double or even triple!

One of the factors that influence anesthesiologist salary is industry that you choose for practicing. To get really good starting salary you should choose one of the top-paying industries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest starting anesthesiologist salaries are registered in healthcare, hospitals, medical services, general surgery and medical offices. If you work in one of these industries you can make around $90,222-$121,555 as a beginner. After a couple of years you will be able to earn $138,303-$292,660 annually.

The state of your practice also will influence your anesthesiologist salary. Some regions suffer from lack of professionals, so pay there will be a bit higher. The highest-paying states are California and New York, since they suffer from the lack of specialists. Not experienced anesthesiologists can expect to earn here about $90,222-$121,555 per year.

In addition to attractive salary anesthesiologists may get some bonuses for providing high-quality care or working extra hours. Median bonuses for the fresh anesthesiologist are around $7,000 a year. And those with a few year experience get as much as $9,764.

Years in medical school and residency program must be well compensated. In addition, anesthesiologist work is quite stressful, night calls are also included. So every dollar of high anesthesiologist salary is earned by hard work. Weigh all pros and cons before making a final decision.

High salary rates definitely encourage each ambitious student to become an anesthesiologist. If this profession matches your personality, then you will be lucky to work in the most lucrative field. So don’t put off final decision, look for education options that will help you become an anesthesiologist.