A Neonatal Nurse Salary Can Increase Significantly Over Time

Since the 1960s, most hospitals in the United States have included a neonatal unit to care for babies in the first twenty-eight days of their lives. As a result, neonatal nursing has become an increasingly popular career path for people interested in the health care profession. A neonatal nurse salary varies depending on many factors, but there are always opportunities for it to increase over time.

On average, a neonatal nurse working in the United States can expect to make about sixty-three thousand dollars per year. However, in many cases, they make as little as forty-nine thousand dollars per year or as much as eighty thousand dollars per year. It all depends on their education, experience and the location of the hospital. For example, a neonatal nurse will make more in a metropolitan area than a rural area.

The level of education that a nurse has completed will have a significant impact on the salary that he or she is offered. Those who start on the lower end of the pay scale most likely have become certified by completing an Associates Degree in Nursing. Those who have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing can expect to make significantly more money on their first day in the business.

It is important to keep in mind that a neonatal nurse and a neonatal nurse practitioner are not quite the same thing. A nurse practitioner has more responsibilities and must attend more school in order to become qualified to do their job. If a neonatal nurse would like to start earning a higher salary, they should consider returning to school and becoming a nurse practitioner.

After working in the profession for some time, many neonatal nurses feel that they are ready to teach those who are just entering the field. This gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves in a new way while staying within the line of work that they love. When they make the transition to teachers, many neonatal nurses begin earning as much as one hundred and ninety thousand dollars per year.

Becoming a neonatal nurse is a very rewarding career choice for many people because they have the opportunity to help babies start off their lives on a healthy foot. The average neonatal nurse salary rewards them for their efforts by providing a comfortable wage. Once they have worked in the field for some time, many neonatal nurses take advantage of opportunities to raise their base salaries significantly.