The Electronic Income Reducer

The Electronic Income Reducer
A friend of mine Gareth Davies ( who is a speaker, consultant and an ex-professional footballer introduced me to the idea of the Electronic Income Reducer in the corner of the front lounge yes, you know what I mean – the TV! It absorbs hour upon hour of your personal time when you could be learning or reflecting or developing something truly amazing. I know many people now who simply do not have a television in their house, and guess what they dont miss it!

My Great Grandfather was a gifted wood carver we have several pieces in our house today that he carved 100 years ago. This is something we just dont make time to do nowadays. If I didnt have a TV I would definitely have a hobby that absorbed time and allowed me to be truly creative. Maybe I should get rid of it? The trouble is its too useful as a hypnotic tool that quietens the ever-active mind! I do feel guilt when I watch utter rubbish and have nothing to show for it! The TV is definitely a habit and its amazing what conversations you and your family can have when you dont rely upon it for entertainment.

Some of the words that I least like to hear from my children are Im bored! Coincidentally these words are usually uttered when watching TV is out of the question. A few months ago my middle daughter came up with a great idea to save electricity and to engender more creativity the concept of the non-electric day was born. Every week on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Pagan household, there is no watching TV and no use of computers or the Wii. She even wrote an article recommending this which was printed in one of the UKs national childrens newspapers, First News.

Whilst the children may moan a little when reminded of the fact that electrical toys are banned for the day, within a short while they find some other activity to amuse them. Those traditional board games are finding their way out of the toy cupboard, wonderful drawings and paintings are being created. I once returned from work to find my wife and three children all in the lounge, reading their books in companiable silence. Amazing.
So the question has to be what would you do if you didnt rely on the TV for entertainment what could you create if all those hours lost to The Electronic Income Reducer were returned to you? The choice is yours.