Top 10 Health Professions On The Decade

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Green Careers For A Greener World

With the rest of the world having a change of views regarding environmental issues, more and more industries are choosing to go with the flow and are creating opportunities where people can start building their green careers. This comes as no surprise since a large number of organizations and market-leaders (and even non-leaders) are investing time and money on getting greener facilities and practices.

As whole industries shift to green practices, new job possibilities are opening up for those that have the skills to bridge the divide between the old and the new, energy-efficient dawn. Corporations are now partnering with non-profit organizations and hiring corporate social managers. In addition, these same companies are waking up to the potential in green marketing: that reducing the environmental impact is as good for future profits as it is for the planet at large.

Getting started at your green career is no different than starting a career anywhere else. There are no secrets for it. You just need to find a green economy where you can apply the job skills youve already developed in the past, including machine operations, sales, management, web skills, and even clerical and administrative skills. A nonprofit or sustainable industry or coordinating sustainable practices from within a corporate entity are some of the apparent places where one can find a job and apply his skills.

Since the number industries are now going green, and along with them industry-giants, the number of employment opportunities are constantly growing. Building green careers is now easier more than ever. Especially in the world of hospitality managements where worldwide leaders, like Marriott and Hilton, are leading the way towards a greener industry with countless initiatives both within their properties and elsewhere.

Other green jobs lie in the organic food industry, ecotourism and marketing of energy-efficient technology, which anyone with basic industry knowledge and a good work ethic can get into and build a great green career. However, there are other green jobs, like in green building or solar panel installing, that require a specialized set of skills which cannot be acquired from other industries. Luckily, there are classes, some provided by non-profit organizations that teach these skills to fill the growing needs. Having these classes around provides two benefits: First, it supplies special skills that will provide a person a job, thus, reducing the number of unemployment; secondly, that green job exists for the sake of having more earth-friendly businesses, thus, also benefitting the environment.

Green jobs and green industries are here to stay. Providing benefits for the environment and the people, they can serve as a portal for skilled or even ordinary citizens to start building a green career.