The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pre-employment Drug-screens

Many organizations consider pre-employment drug screening as an effective strategy to save their workplace from unwanted conflicts due to the drug abusers. Pre-employment drug screening is a proactive measure companies take to maintain high productivity environment. It helps them to make the workplace safer, and their employees free from frequent sick leaves and to prevent drug abuse on the job.

The Advantages of Pre-Employment Drug Screens

Pre-employment drug testing has many advantages.

* Pre-employment drug testing helps organizations to check drug-abuse habits of the job applicants. Thus, it helps them to avoid hiring people with habit of frequent drug abuse.

* Pre-employment drug testing not only helps organizations to create a safer and drug-free workplace but also reduces or avoids their chances of handling any future conflicts due to the drug abused employees in their organization. These conflicts include workplace violence or accidents, health benefit utilization and costs, lowered productivity, high insurance premiums, and frequent health-related absences.

* The pre-employment drug-screening program in an organization also has an ample potential to drive the drug abusers away from applying in it. This can be very helpful for small and medium businesses where drug abusers are more likely to apply, as they dont need to invest much of their time and money on such applicants.

Drawbacks of pre-employment drug screens

Though pre-employment drug screening has many advantages, there are some issues associated with it.

* The major drawback of drug screening is its sample collection process where job applicants are likely to feel violation of their privacy. This increases the hassle for organizations of handling the screening more sensitively.

* Some drugs such as marijuana remain detectable for up to three weeks after their usage. Some other drugs such as cocaine might remain only for few hours after usage. Thus, making a hiring decision based on these results requires much caution as it may affect the career of a job applicant.

* There are some possibilities of prescription-drugs affecting the drug-testing results. Organizations discriminating a job applicant based on the prescription drug-abuse could be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Some latest advances in medical testing have resulted in evolvement of certain drug-screening products, which are easy to monitor, adulteration proof, affordable, and provide instant and reliable results. These enable organizations to conduct pre-employment drug-screening effectively, with a decreased potential of drawbacks.

The Separate Kinds Of Careers In Banking

There are several career categories in the banking sector varying from investment to commercial banking, each one entailing a distinct group of knowledge. The several fields of banking may be segmented likewise into a considerable number of jobs, each one concerned with achieving particular assignments to make certain the banking network operates accurately. You have to explore each of the unique jobs meticulously if you are thinking about a career in banking and indicate your choice after adequate contemplation.

The exceedingly well-known area of banking, retail or consumer banking, offers accounts and debt for the common masses. Commercial banking is a corresponding style of banking but is geared towards businesses. Retail and commercial bankers regularly possess at least an undergraduate degree in Finance and are generally careful individuals with appointed work times. This is a grand arrangement keeping in mind the exorbitant allowances given to their managers.

An additional form of banking is private or personal banking. This distinct style of banking is concentrated towards people with great amounts of resources and comprises educating clients on techniques to boost yield on capital and acquiring sensible debt. For a career in this area an individual should assert tremendous persuasion strengths, up-to-date and thorough know-how on monetary markets and should have fun pampering consumers on their private time.

Another notably important and well-rewarded division is investment banking and entails coming up with resources for substantial businesses, fiscal trading and overseeing company mergers and acquisitions. Several careers can be adopted in investment banking varying from risk evaluation to trading.

Generally all investment banking careers involve elongated business hours and skillfully managing with pressure on a regular basis. The finance and analysis aspect demand formidable numbers knowledge and adroit utilization of worksheet and visual aid tools. The career expansion opportunities are significantly finer with the power to advance speedily to the VP status. However, operating times are substantially lengthy and personal life is virtually non-existent. The trading aspect additionally demands excellent diagnostic talents, with the extreme burden of taking significant assessments within a short time. Their operating hours are commonly shorter compared to their other workmates. Staff pay in essentially all investment banking jobs are superior as opposed to salaries in matching placements in different banking specialties making it a very important career despite the burden.

Be certain you review every division of banking painstakingly and speak with several individuals in the banking business prior to taking a move. Your psyche and education have to both correlate before making that essential deep-rooted resolution.