Reasons Why You Should Equip Your Staff With Mobile Phones

As a manager or business owner, perhaps you arent sure why you should provide your staff with a mobile phone. Read on to discover the reasons a mobile could be good for your business.

1. Availability

In this age of increasingly instantaneous communication, customers are expecting more and more. They want to be able to talk to someone as soon as they reach for their phone. They become disenchanted with answering services and call centres. Whether its a plumber, an IT maintenance expert, a sales person or a consultant of any kind, clients want access, direct access to the service or supplier. Equipping your staff with a mobile will help your business deliver instant communication to your clients.

Perhaps your staff dont deal with clients directly, perhaps its you that needs to contact them directly. Perhaps you need to be in contact with employees that spend a lot of time out of the office, or away on business trips or even after hours. If this is the case, the a business mobile phone will give your employees incentive to take your calls. If keeping in touch is not costing them, then they will more inclined, if not obliged to keep their phone on, ready to take your call at any time.

2. Productivity

Mobile phones allow employees who are off site to make calls to clients and calls back to the office, which saves time and gets things done quicker. A mobile phone with online connectivity and email will be even more instrumental in increasing the productivity of your staff. They will be able to carry on with answering emails, researching and taking calls when out of the office and after hours.

3. Staff Morale

Being provided with a business mobile is a way of telling your staff that you value their work and input. In many work places, a mobile phone can be an indicator of importance, status and value. You can use this culture to boost the morale and productivity of your team. It will lift their sense of worth and indeed encourage them to rise to the occasion.

Another reason to provide your staff with a business mobile is that it could end up saving them money. Most employees will stop using their private mobiles if they have a work mobile. Saving money on their personal mobile bills will keep your people happy. Everyone knows a happy employee is a productive employee.